September Artist to Watch


As of late, Chicago has not been popular for their style of music as todays hip-hop is filled with dance steps and weak metaphors. No wonder why audiences ditch main stream music and look for local and other underground artist. If you’re looking to lend your ear to new music that ditches mainstream propaganda,  Brandon Chatman AKA Brandon Goin In promises to bring music that relates to their audience and those alike.

Brandon Goin In

Album: This is not Iraq

Available here

Every Chicagoan has referred to their city as Chiraq, but Brandon, 27, begs to differ as his album is more than just music, but also a petition to have his city regain its good name. Born in Chicago, Chatman has been rapping for four years and spent everyday practicing to perfect his craft. With his latest release, these ten tracks exhibits his thoughts and feelings towards his community such as recent school closings and violence.

In his video This is not Iraq he is picking up litter around the community as a message that we need to clean up our neighborhoods. He is poised on promoting good grades and how education is the key to success. Chatman says that he makes rap music for people who can appreciate clever lyrics and melodies about everything but killing people.

“My message is that college and higher education is cool and we should stay in school to be successful… not to sell drugs and stay in the street. Words have the ability to inspire and my metaphors and similes are like my family. I want to be a rapper these people can look up to in a positive way.”

Brandon’s album is now available on amazon.

Album List:

  1. This is Not Iraq
  2. Im Goin In
  3. Chevrolet
  4. Kinda Nice
  5. Bad as You
  6. Stay
  7. Mamacita
  8. Only 14
  9. Doubt
  10. Fresh

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