Smash Bros Latest News Sets Nintendo Universe On Fire

By Jeramie L Bizzle



It has been four days since smash bros director Masahiro Sakurai introduced the final Nintendo Direct for the Wii U and 3DS version. After the ballot closed in October, many gamers and fans of the game crossed their fingers in hopes that their favorite characters will appear in the final DLC pack, but it was definitely a shocking night that had fans going “OMG” and “Who the heck is that?”.

For the past several months, potential characters including classic favorites Banjo-Kazooie, Bomberman, and Shadow the Hedgehog were some of the predictions that fans wanted to see. More of which wanted some from the assist trophies (Waluigi, Ashley, etc.), but as the minutes to 5 p.m. came all the wait led to the reveal of the latest three characters and costumes for the Mii fighters. Below are the newest fighters and the release dates.

Corrin – Fire Emblem Fates

Release date- Feb. 2016

This dragon type fighter is from the latest fire emblem game that isn’t even released yet, but according to Sakurai, this seemed like a good way to introduce him to the Nintendo universe. Equipped with a longer reach than Shulk, transforming to a dragon, and a whirlwind of water type finisher, he is already perceived to be one of the highly used characters in the game. Like Robin, he also have a female costume change. This will definitely make players want to see what the new Fire Emblem is about.

Cloud – Final Fantasy 7

Release date- Available now

Cloud was spoiled as a new character two month ago, but the date of his release was a mystery. The universe went berserk when Sakurai said at the end of Clouds presentation that he would be released after the end of the Direct. Cloud since then has been the most used online fighter and proves to be a worthy fighter, but only until Corrin is released along with the Smash Ballot winner.


Beyonetta- Beyonetta

Release date- Feb. 2016

This sultry character from her own series have been voted number one in Europe and in the top five in the U.S. vote, making her the last addition to the fight. Her introduction involves her going after Pit and Dark Pit (angels), which is only right since she’s a witch. Her attacks including summoning demons, four guns (two in her hands, and the other two as heels on her shoes), and demon smash made viewers think that it will be an unfair fight. This is kind of big for smash since she is kind of revealing, which will take the focus off Zero Suit Samus. It is advise that before gamers play as her, if they haven’t played her game then they should do so to get familiar with her character.


The saddest, most bogus part of the announcement belongs to the Tails and Knuckles costumes for the Mii characters. This is almost concrete evidence that they will never be playable characters, but at most assist trophies in the game. The good part of the announcement is the Inkling’s costume which you can make your Mii look like the Splatoon characters (not the same, but it will do).


It’s a shame that the characters mentioned earlier didn’t make the game, but the latest console “NX” is to be released in 2016, with possibly a new smash in 2017. Mean time between time, the game has been acknowledged as a competitive game, and with the release of these characters, the competitions are about to become more intense.
For the complete list of DLCs for Smash Bros. visit their website for the complete list of characters, stages, and costumes that will be coming in 2016.