Image: Prince and Chyna’s Death Shocks Entertainment World


As reported by TMZ, Joan Marie Laurer, known in the wrestling community as Chyna died yesterday, and just reported today singer and song writer Prince has passed away following health complications April 15th.

Laurer, who was also known for being the first woman to enter the royal rumble and winning the intercontinental championship during the attitude era, was found in her home last night from what sources said of an overdose.

Her history of drug use landed her on the show Celebrity Rehab in 2008. Friends of hers said she didn’t look well after she posted a video earlier in the week. WWE wrestlers extend their grief to her including former partner and ex Triple H.

“Someone who wasn’t afraid to blaze her own trail & create a path for those who would follow. A pioneer whose star shined bright. ,” Said Triple H via twitter.

She was 46.

Prince, Born Prince Rogers Nelson, recently cancelled shows due to health conditions and was found this morning unresponsive. Further updates are pending, but his death comes just a few months after the death of his former protege Vanity. He was 57.

Two iconic superstars dying a day apart is a big blow to entertainment. Wrestling fans are waiting to see what kind tribute they will do for Laurer on the hit shows RAW and Smackdown. Meanwhile the autopsy for Prince is underway.



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