Are We Sick Of Pokemon Go Yet?

Go pics

It has been a little over a week since the popular GPS based game has gone live and sent players into the streets trying to catch as many as they can. With the hype surrounding the game, some places welcome them with special discounts and free giveaways while others are starting to band players including the Holocaust museum. With millions of players walking around like mindless zombies the question is will Pokemon Go wear out its welcome too soon? The answer, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Although some people don’t understand the reasoning behind the latest trend, the game itself has been praised for getting kids, and adults off the couch and exercising. Other pros to the game include bringing back face to face communication as players credit the game for them making new friends and even getting dates. Along with the pros comes the cons as there have been reports of players setting up gyms to lure other players to rob them, and players getting hit by cars, and falling into ponds despite the warning at the opening of the app that advises users to “Stay aware of your surroundings”. This game is latest proof that you have to take the bad with the good.

Within its first week the system crashed multiple times due to an overload of users, but since then multiple updates have been applied to fix the issue. Another issue is the impact the app has on the users battery, which can be solved by going into the settings and clicking the battery saver option.

There are upcoming updates that are said to enhance the play by making it easier to battle friends, trade Pokemon, and improve the GPS to make it simpler to find destinations. For people experiencing problems with the game such as the AR capability, although it’s available on most mobile devices, it works better on the latest models such as the Samsung Galaxy 7 and the IPhone 6, 6s, and plus. Don’t have the money for the latest smartphone, or don’t want to be glued to the phone all day, the latest Pokemon Go Plus band will allow people to detect when Pokemon are around and are able to catch them without looking at their phones. The device is set for release on July 31st.

Based off the popular 90s anime and Nintendo adventure game, Pokemon features over 2oo animal-like creatures who have the power of elements including electricity, water, and fire. The good thing about the game is even if you don’t know much about Pokemon, or can’t name the original 151 creatures, you can learn as you go (get it). Stay tuned for the latest in Pokemon Go news.