Midwest Film Festival Host Pilot Showcase


This week networks will begin preparing for premiere week as viewers will see new shows on their televisions and online. But instead of channel surfing looking for fresh material, you can to view screenings of the latest works created by independent filmmakers during the Midwest Pilot Showcase at Landmark’s Century Centre Cinema on October 4th.

The showcase, held during the Midwest Independent Film Festival, will feature nine selected pilots with seven being chosen by the New York Television Festival. Some of the shows featured began as mini web series, and have 3-5 episodes, some in which will be played in its entirety. Mike McNamara, Co-Founder and executive director of Midwest independent Film Festival, said this event is a way for filmmakers to come and connect with each other .

“What this line up is all about is just showcasing the best pilots that have been made in Chicago and the midwest, and it’s one great night where we put them all up on the big screen. We get all those filmmakers and pilot creators together, and they will be inspired by seeing each other’s work, and we think other people will be inspired by what we put up on the screen,” said McNamara.

Deciding on which pilot gets their full show played he said came down to the nature of the pilot. Some shows will probably have one or two episodes shown, and for others, it will be three-minute sneak peaks, but their choices are not set. “Kind of like fitting a puzzle together,” said McNamara

The night will also feature a Q and A session with the creators following the showing of the pilots and two never before seen pilots including a sneak peek of “Sickos” created by the executive producers of TV Land’s “Teachers” now in its second season.  

Attendees will see films they’ve never seen before, or never will again. The shows played are said to not only entertain the audience but they’re witnessing the future of content in television.

The  Midwest Independent Film Festival, now in its 12th year, is a year-round showcase that is dedicated to films that are made in Chicago and in the midwest, and those who feature midwest talent. A film is not eligible for submission if it’s not produced in the midwest as their mission is to support the local filmmaking community.

“We pack the house every first Tuesday, and we try our best to get other filmmakers out to the fest, so it’s a rewarding and worthwhile experience for people trying to show their film.”

The 90-minute showcase is expected to be a sold-out event. Tickets can be purchased at Midwestfilm.com. Doors open at 6 pm.


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