Survivor Series Revived What Wrestling Means To Fans



Did someone build a time machine and took us back to the late 90s? You know, when there were moments that brought out the kid in you. It seemed that way as we saw Shane McMahon fly from buckle to table, betrayal within brands, and a beast getting slated in less than two minutes at last night’s Survivor Series.

This years series is the first since the recent brand split between RAW and Smackdown Live and it did not disappoint. The series kicked off with the women’s elimination match where Baley picked up the win for the RAW team but was congratulated by getting attacked by her captain Charlotte Flair. Brian Kendrick retains his cruiserweight title thanks to Baron Corbin who got Kalisto disqualified right before he was going to set up for a victory.

The tag team elimination match was one of the shocking matches of the evening as your W…W…E… World…Tag… Team… Champions were the first to be eliminated from team RAW right after Breezango were too busy handing out fashion violations instead of wrestling. However, RAW brought the victory home thanks to the unlikely team of Sheamas and Cesaro.


                                      Credit- Google

The five men elimination match between the brands gave fans what they wanted. Braun Strowman, who was counted out thanks to James Ellsworth, showed Bray Wyatt he is no longer under his control, while Randy Orton showed his commitment by taking a spear in his place. Outside of that moment, Dean Ambrose reunited with his shield buddies Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns to send a message to his SD mate AJ Styles through an announcement table. However, a visit from sister Abigail landed SD the victory.

Then came the moment of the night, Lesner vs. Goldberg. A match that was anticipated since Holdberg was announced as the top DLC in this years WWE2K17 game. As the two stand in the ring, as the bell rang, everyone thought Lesner was going to take Goldberg to suplex city, but that thought changed completely after a shove, two spears. In less than two minutes, Goldberg’s jackhammer put suplex city under construction.

The question now is, what’s next? There are already rumors circulating that Goldberg will throw his name in the Royal Rumble. With everything that happened last night, especially with the men as RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon said their jobs were on the line, will she keep up to her promise?

Tune in to Monday Night RAW and Smackdown Live this week to see what’s next for the stars as everyone is picking up where they left off. If you don’t watch, you’ll know what happen. YOU JUST MADE THE LIST.


SentRock: Sending A Message Through Street Art



Awdest (left) and SentRock (right) in front of their latest project. Credit – Jeramie Bizzle


Behind the Turbo Tacos restaurant located at 2050 North Milwaukee stands a boy wearing a cardinal mask along the wall with a flower growing out of his body who says “Water is life” in the middle of a rain storm. This is not a real person but the latest artwork entitled ‘Boy Little Water’ from Joseph Perez,30, better known through his art as SentRock, as he spreads the message of what’s happening with the North Dakota pipeline as construction can impact residents water supply. Emanuel Silva, a fan of his artwork, came out to witness the piece receive its finishing touches and says this is the first time he’s seen Perez work up close.

“I follow him on Instagram and I like how his work is colorful and bright. He also has artwork on like hats, socks, shirts and everything. But this is the first one I actually got to see so this means a lot,” said Silva.

The story behind his artwork is it’s Perez wearing the cardinal mask as it represents him and Phoenix Arizona where he is from. Perez uses street art to convey different meanings that can send a message to the community, but there is still misconceptions that street art is still considered to be graffiti no matter how much time and detail has gone into it.

“Legally or illegally it’s art because we risked our freedom for it, but it falls onto the person. Some people see vandalism as art because it’s individual. It depends on the person and what they feel is art,” said Perez.

His predecessor, who wants to go by the name Awdest, 17, have been working with Perez for the past three years and says that it depends on the person, but no matter if they see it as art or vandalism people are going to judge. He says there is one way to distinguish the difference between the two:

“Just look at it. Take the time to look at all the detail that goes into it and try to find the message in the piece. Don’t just walk by, look at it and continue to walk. Stop and look at it for 30 seconds at least then you can decide whether it’s art or something else,” he said.

According to the city of Chicago’s website, vandals who are caught defacing property can face fines from $750 to $2,500 for each offense following an approved city council amendment in 2014 where Mayor Rahm Emanuel invested $1 million into graffiti clean up.



                                                                   Credit- Google

After 20 murals, hundreds of dollars in paint cans, and the city washing away his hard work, Perez says he continues to do street art because he likes the challenge that comes with it. Unlike working on a canvas, street art ensures that people will see it. Other street artists do their work in abandoned buildings and factories, but people and business owners such as the ones at Turbo Taco reach out to him through his Instagram.


“I’ve been paid good money to do what you see on the streets because people appreciate it. It might not fit in a gallery but it fits on the streets and people want a piece of that because they appreciate the expression of it.”

Awdest goes on to say that he and Perez even had legal walls that have been washed away by the city or the owners because it’s not the type of art they want to see. Their first mural together depicting three characters wearing hoodies holding spray cans was washed away because the owners didn’t understand the meaning behind it.

“It wasn’t safe for them because they didn’t get it, but the purpose of street art is to put a message out there. There’s no challenge it if it was a safe pretty image, it’s like what’s the point of doing it? I want to say something with my art,” Perez said.

‘Boy Little Water’ took two days and cost over $200 to create, but he did it for free just for people to be able to marvel at his work. Besides doing murals outside, some of his work is featured at Galerie F  located in Logan Square where they showcase a lot of street art from artist across the city. “I still do studio work too and if I have a canvas work of that art people want. That’s how it will pay off,” he said.

Perez has painted in cities including Miami, New York, and Detroit. Until he gets ready to hit the street and paint his next project, he will go back to sketching on a canvas and paper until one piece sticks out to him and he grabs his paint cans. He and his predecessor will be hitting the streets in no time to create art for people to stop their day and see the beauty in their creations.

“It feels good when you walk by and you see it and go “I did that.” It’s self-inspiring but then you know people in the neighborhood is going to see it so it’s like giving back to your community,” Perez said.

Hundreds March In Anti-Trump Protest In Chicago’s Loop



Hundreds of people flood Chicago’s loop area in protest against president-elect Donald Trump. The protest comes just hours after Hilary Clinton’s concession speech where she told voters that “We owe him an open mind and a chance to lead.”

Chants including “He’s not my president”, “F*** Trump”, and “Muslim Lives Matter” echoed through the crowd as they continue to make their way around back towards Trump tower. EMTs and police were on the scene to help make the protest a safe one for everyone in the downtown area.

Trump won the presidency with 279 electoral votes over Clinton with 228 in what is to be considered one of the biggest upsets in political history. The new president-elect has become a symbol for ‘hate’ during his run for office with his ideas of building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico and recently addressing the LGBT community.


Credit- Jeramie Bizzle


Chicago and other cities including New York, Philadelphia, and Boston who took part in a nationwide protest in an effort to keep Trump out of office. Within 24 hours after winning office, reports have surfaced of racial slurs and threats towards African Americans and Muslims. Teachers took to social media asking the question “How do I explain this to my students?” in reference to students who have family who are immigrants.

Protestors fear what’s to come when Trump takes over the office of president in January, but there’s a chance this nationwide protest will be one of many in the upcoming weeks.

Moholy-Nagy Exhibit Review: Understanding Art From Different Points of View.

Art has adopted various forms and continues to evolve with each artist who sees the beauty in their craft. László Moholy-Nagy was no different as his creations are a combination of art and technology that exhibits what the future of art has become. His use of devices, such as telephones and record players, create a more abstract understanding of how art has transformed. Along with his paintings, he expanded his art into models.



                                                           Credit- Jeramie Bizzle

The exhibit features various arts from Moholy-Nagy, but the designs of his models will lure guest into the dim lit entrance as you are greeted with a model of plexiglass and chrome rods that cast a shadow of a butterfly-like image on the wall. This design and others alike are created with something you may see in a scrap factory. There are few pieces of art that will resemble anything familiar, but that is the best part of the showcase.


As you walk through the exhibit, you’re presented more of his models created with plexiglass that becomes something new as you walk around it. Most of these models are located in the last section of the exhibit that provides a spin to things we may neglect in everyday life. Just like the butterfly image, there is also another suspended plexiglass model that depicts a flying bird from certain angles. Moholy-Nagy’s art using lines and geometric shapes to create his work on canvas, but the models will take you from a two-dimensional view and provide a 360 look as you can see his creation from different points of view.



                                                              Credit- Jeramie Bizzle

In addition to his plexiglass and chrome wire models and paintings, Moholy-Nagy explored various forms of art including writing and fashion. As one may expect when walking through a museum and gazing upon different presentations, some are not sure what they’re looking at in terms of the point of view from the artist, but with each model, canvas, and shadow that’s cast on the wall, you will feel as if you’ve seen these images before since his works represented the future in which we currently live.


What makes the showcase a rewarding experience is even if attendees are not fans of the art scene, there is something for everyone that will give them an idea of what art represents away the cliche form of the word.

The Moholy-Nagy: Future Present exhibit is now on display at the Art Institute of Chicago and will be run through January 3, 2017.

Game Series Turns Into a Nail Biter As Cubs Win World Series In Game 7



The Chicago Cubs celebrate first World Series win in 108 years. Credit- Chicago Tribune


After beginning the last game of the series with a home run from Dexter Fowler in the first inning and having a 5-1 lead, Maddon had fans questioning his decision of putting Chapman on the mound in the 8th leading to the Cleveland Indians to tie the game with a 2 point homerun leading to a 6-6 score heading into the 9th inning.

Thanks to a 12-minute rain delay to even out the tension between both teams and two runs later in the 10th inning and after 108 years the Chicago Cubs have become the 2016 World Series Champions. This is the first World Series title to come to the city since the White Sox 2005 win.

Although the game had fans from both teams on the edge of their seats, the Indians tried to out the Cubs top hitters including Addison Russell who brought the team back to life in game 6 with a grand slam. Their plan backfired with a base hit from Ben Zobrist that help the Cubs regain the lead 8-6. After Cleveland’s one additional run, a throw to first base from Bryant to Rizzo ended the series.

During the season the team has become known for making comebacks winning three straight games in a row and tonight was no different. As Bryant said during an interview following game 5, they play better with their backs against the wall, and that they did becoming the sixth team to come back from a 3-1 deficit winning the series.

The city is ready to celebrate as Evanston sounded their emergency alarm in celebration, and restaurants including Buona Beef are offering free sandwiches. There is no word on when the parade will take place as of yet, but in the meantime fans of the champions will continue their celebrations in Wrigley throughout the days.