Moholy-Nagy Exhibit Review: Understanding Art From Different Points of View.

Art has adopted various forms and continues to evolve with each artist who sees the beauty in their craft. László Moholy-Nagy was no different as his creations are a combination of art and technology that exhibits what the future of art has become. His use of devices, such as telephones and record players, create a more abstract understanding of how art has transformed. Along with his paintings, he expanded his art into models.



                                                           Credit- Jeramie Bizzle

The exhibit features various arts from Moholy-Nagy, but the designs of his models will lure guest into the dim lit entrance as you are greeted with a model of plexiglass and chrome rods that cast a shadow of a butterfly-like image on the wall. This design and others alike are created with something you may see in a scrap factory. There are few pieces of art that will resemble anything familiar, but that is the best part of the showcase.


As you walk through the exhibit, you’re presented more of his models created with plexiglass that becomes something new as you walk around it. Most of these models are located in the last section of the exhibit that provides a spin to things we may neglect in everyday life. Just like the butterfly image, there is also another suspended plexiglass model that depicts a flying bird from certain angles. Moholy-Nagy’s art using lines and geometric shapes to create his work on canvas, but the models will take you from a two-dimensional view and provide a 360 look as you can see his creation from different points of view.



                                                              Credit- Jeramie Bizzle

In addition to his plexiglass and chrome wire models and paintings, Moholy-Nagy explored various forms of art including writing and fashion. As one may expect when walking through a museum and gazing upon different presentations, some are not sure what they’re looking at in terms of the point of view from the artist, but with each model, canvas, and shadow that’s cast on the wall, you will feel as if you’ve seen these images before since his works represented the future in which we currently live.


What makes the showcase a rewarding experience is even if attendees are not fans of the art scene, there is something for everyone that will give them an idea of what art represents away the cliche form of the word.

The Moholy-Nagy: Future Present exhibit is now on display at the Art Institute of Chicago and will be run through January 3, 2017.


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