Survivor Series Revived What Wrestling Means To Fans



Did someone build a time machine and took us back to the late 90s? You know, when there were moments that brought out the kid in you. It seemed that way as we saw Shane McMahon fly from buckle to table, betrayal within brands, and a beast getting slated in less than two minutes at last night’s Survivor Series.

This years series is the first since the recent brand split between RAW and Smackdown Live and it did not disappoint. The series kicked off with the women’s elimination match where Baley picked up the win for the RAW team but was congratulated by getting attacked by her captain Charlotte Flair. Brian Kendrick retains his cruiserweight title thanks to Baron Corbin who got Kalisto disqualified right before he was going to set up for a victory.

The tag team elimination match was one of the shocking matches of the evening as your W…W…E… World…Tag… Team… Champions were the first to be eliminated from team RAW right after Breezango were too busy handing out fashion violations instead of wrestling. However, RAW brought the victory home thanks to the unlikely team of Sheamas and Cesaro.


                                      Credit- Google

The five men elimination match between the brands gave fans what they wanted. Braun Strowman, who was counted out thanks to James Ellsworth, showed Bray Wyatt he is no longer under his control, while Randy Orton showed his commitment by taking a spear in his place. Outside of that moment, Dean Ambrose reunited with his shield buddies Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns to send a message to his SD mate AJ Styles through an announcement table. However, a visit from sister Abigail landed SD the victory.

Then came the moment of the night, Lesner vs. Goldberg. A match that was anticipated since Holdberg was announced as the top DLC in this years WWE2K17 game. As the two stand in the ring, as the bell rang, everyone thought Lesner was going to take Goldberg to suplex city, but that thought changed completely after a shove, two spears. In less than two minutes, Goldberg’s jackhammer put suplex city under construction.

The question now is, what’s next? There are already rumors circulating that Goldberg will throw his name in the Royal Rumble. With everything that happened last night, especially with the men as RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon said their jobs were on the line, will she keep up to her promise?

Tune in to Monday Night RAW and Smackdown Live this week to see what’s next for the stars as everyone is picking up where they left off. If you don’t watch, you’ll know what happen. YOU JUST MADE THE LIST.


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