What Other Things Rhonda Rousey Can Do Outside of UFC Following 2nd Loss


Photo: LA Times

In a year of celebrity losses, this is the first one that doesn’t require funeral arrangements, unless we’re talking about Rhonda Rousey’s UFC career. After suffering a stunning defeat by Amanda Nunes in a 48-second defeat, Rousey left without saying a word about the upset. The hype of her coming back to reclaim the title after an 11-month leave made Friday’s fight one of the most anticipated since CM Punk’s debut, which ended in a loss as well. But now after her second loss, many are starting to believe that she isn’t as beastly as she used to be and is now time to leave the octagon for other endeavors.


Rousey made her name in the UFC for being the longest reigning champion of the women’s division and has since then been featured on video game covers, hosting SNL, and appearing in box office movies. Maybe it’s time she takes a page from Dwayne, The Rock, Johnson’s book and look for other things to make a mark. For instance, after her Wrestlemania 30 feature fans of the brand wondered if she would step foot into the ring. There was also video of her with Brock Lesner in the WWE locker rooms with other women wrestlers so after tonight it may be a good route to go.

There is also the movies still. She can continue taking on female dominant roles in action movies like she did in the ‘Expendables’. If she still wants to fight but doesn’t want any more damage to her credibility in the UFC, she can take a step down and go to Bellator.

It’s to0 early to find out what’s next for the fighter but despite her 48-second lost, she still holds the record for fastest knockout with 16 seconds against Alexis Davis. At the moment it’s up to Dana White to find out what are his hopes for her as the fight proves that the division is growing with more fierce competitors.


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