What Have We Learned Since President Trump’s Inauguration?


President Donald Trump during his inaugural speech. Credit Google

It’s been a full three days since we’ve witnessed the inauguration of now-President Trump. Since then, there has been marches and riots within the short time. As he enjoys his last day off before going to work tomorrow, there is much that people have learned since he was sworn into office. Below are just a few of the things that the media has shown that can set the tone for the next 97 days.

Melania Loves To Channel Former First Ladies

The first lady’s role is just as important as the president. All eyes are following her since her rip-off of Michelle Obama’s speech and her version of Jackie Kennedy’s dress from 1961’s inauguration. This can be a sign of things to come from the First Lady Trump. Hopefully, she can channel their ideas to continue the legacy of the duties of the first wives.


Trump Is The New Baine 

One of the headlines over the weekend is Trump’s speech that is partially identical to the villain Baine from the film “The Dark Knight Rises”. The line “And we give it back to you…the people” was said in the film before the city of Gotham broke out into chaos. It’s if it solidifies people’s thoughts of him being the villain they assumed he would be.

Image result for trump bane

Declined Attendance Count

Compared to the 1.8 million who showed up to Obama’s first inauguration, the estimated count for this inauguration was 900,000. a handful of those who weren’t in attendance were the democratic party who boycotted the ceremony including State Rep. John Lewis whom Trump had a war of words with on Twitter.

Image result for trump inauguration attendance

Women Fight Against Trump

The Women’s March that took place the day after the ceremony took place all over the word including Chicago, Washington, and San Francisco just to name a few. They expressed their disapproval with signs boycotting his presidency, most in rebuttal to his 2005 bus interview where he talks about how being a celebrity gives him perks including grabbing a woman’s genitalia.

Image result for women's march chicago 2017

Taking the Weekend Off

As mentioned earlier. he took this weekend off before he actually did anything the job entails. When he mentioned doing so, the thought of “He can do that?” probably echoed in the minds of Americans. With only 100 days to show the nation what you can do, wasting two of them is not the best way to get the ball rolling.

What is there to learn from just three days with the new president? His disapproval rating falls to 54 percent even hours before he took the oath. The inauguration itself was a showcase of who Mr. and Mrs. Trump inspire to be, going back to the Baine and Jackie-O reference. With the boycotting of the democratic party, this means that there will be a more divided congress. The attendance, Women’s March, and the approval rating make it obvious the support that he hoped for will remain a fantasy until he proves himself otherwise.

How Can He Turn It All Around

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist for the president to get more people on his side. Eliminating talks of the wall will bring more people on his side. Instead of trying to eliminate illegal immigrants, he can simply make them legal and tax them on their earnings, seeing that’s what it boils down to anyway. Also, open the revolving door between America and Mexico.

For women, issuing a sincere public apology about what he said in 2005 and owning up to his tweets will make him more of an honest person; better late than never.

Although many Americans already made up their minds about their feelings towards the new president, everyone must step out of their box, including the president and members of congress, to come together with less hate and more open minded. Most importantly, we must not damage our own land like the rioters in Washington. If not, the next four years will be the same result as we’ve seen within three days.

Photo credit ABC News


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