Ten Unsung Heroes In Black History.

Every February students in schools hear the same names of African American influences and a brief excerpt of their achievements. Barack Obama, first black president; Martin Luther King Jr., civil rights activist; Malcolm X, activist; and Harriett Tubman, the underground railroad. Although these people have a significant role in black history, there are other unsung everyday heroes that rarely receive recognition for their contribution to history.

Below is a list of ten inventors who invented simple and groundbreaking things, most of which are in our households. This shows that black history doesn’t happen only once a year, but what we use today is a reminder that the history is presented year round.

Image result for lloyd pan black history

Lloyd P. Ray – Dustpan

Image result for john standard inventor refrigerator

John Standard – Refridgerator

Image result

Garrett Morgan – Traffic light/ Gas Mask

Image result

Otis Boykin – Pacemaker

Image result

Lonnie Johnson – Super Soaker

Image result

Daniel H. Williams – First Successful Open Heart Surgery

Image result for charles drew

Charles Drew – The Blood Bank

Image result for george crum

George Crum – Potato Chip

Image result for william purvis inventor

William Pervis – Fountain Pen


Image result for patricia bath

Patricia Bath – Laser Surgical Device

These inventors made their mark in the medical field and by created something simple that makes everyday living easier. There are more unsung heroes who deserve their place in the textbooks but in order for this to happen black history needs to be brought back in schools and not just talks of slavery. In order to move forward, one must stop and look back at those who paved the way.

Have any more inventors who haven’t received proper recognition, please list them in the comments below.

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