Deportation Next on President Trump’s Check List.



Presidents Trump seems to have started a new war of his own against illegal immigrants following a course of raids around the country. According to BBC, children of immigrants have been kept at home because of the recent actions. in addition to schools, jobs and businesses were involved in the sweep. 

Most recently the sweeps occurred in Los Angeles with more than 160 arrested, mostly male, who either had a history of deportation, criminal background, or orders of removal. These areas include Oxnard, Downey, and San Bernardino which was the location of the 2015 terrorist shooting that left 16 dead. Other cities involved in the raid include Chicago, Atlanta, and New York

In a tweet by President Trump, he mentions that he is doing it as a campaign promise to rid these cities of criminals. The raid is the second publicized act that Trump has put into action following the unlawful travel ban. 

Protesters are taking to the streets to help eliminate the raids. Residents of the immigration community want to speak out about the raids but didn’t want to reveal their identity because of the fear of deportation. They argue that the president is breaking up homes and separating families.

In a 2016 report by the Washington Post, there was a total of 10.9 million immigrants living the in the United States, falling below the 11 million total from 2015.


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