CPS Heading Towards Rough End to the 2016-17 School Year.


CTU President Karen Lewis at last year’s April 1 Stike. The scene can be the same if the teachers vote yes to another strike (Photo credit: WTTW)  


CPS teachers will prepare to vote next month for a possible one-day strike according to the Chicago Teachers Union. This comes weeks after the announcement that schools will close three weeks earlier on June 1 to save money.

There have been various suggestions to help fix the budget including a recent meeting with Gov. Rauner and Chance the Rapper.  Chance, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, CTU, and other locals have expressed their dissatisfaction with the city’s budget crises regarding CPS funding. After an effort to help the budget with a $1 million donation from the Chicago rapper it won’t be enough to save the budget as talks of a strike looms.

In December 2016 Gov. Rauner vetoed a bill that would grant CPS a $215 million pension for funding as he said that tax dollars can’t continue to be wasted on bailouts. Mayor Emanuel was quoted in response to Rauner saying “The emperor wears no clothes.” The statement is in reference to the old children’s tale saying he is unsuitable for the job and has no clear plan.

In the beginning of the school year, teachers dodged a potential strike after negotiations for a better contract were met at the last minute.  But now with the removal of four furlough days, a possible one-day strike, and a three week early closing at the end of the school year could mean there will be no resolution in the near future.

If teachers vote to strike it will take place May 1.



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