‘Power Rangers’ Provides The Origin Fans Deserve And Hints At Sequel


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The teens discover the red power coin in an abandoned area. (Credit: Google)


Spoilers, but not too many.

In the original television series, as some may remember, there wasn’t much back story behind who the ranger’s leader Zordon was and his relationship with their enemy Rita Repulsa. In order to further explain this, they film had to change the television’s origin to answer these questions.

In the opening of the film, the rangers are on a planet that is being destroyed. The red ranger is crawling towards the yellow ranger who then hands him her power coin. As the red ranger collects the rest of the team’s coins, a green ranger carrying a staff walks towards him. It comes to be Zordon who served as the original red ranger and Rita was the green ranger who wanted more power and betrayed her team. Now with the origin of the two, this will set up the sequel based on what they’re fighting for, the ZEO crystals.

In you’re a fan of the television series then you’ll know that the ZEO crystals lead to an extension of the franchise “Power Rangers ZEO”. The series also follows the original mighty morphing series as other teens took over as rangers. The crystals, however, don’t mean we’re going to skip over the rest of the originals.

In the post credit scene, as all the rangers are back in the detention classroom, the teacher calls for the news student Tommy Oliver, who is known as the evil green ranger in the show. With these two setups, a sequel is promised for the near future.

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The film offers enough dialogue and action to unite fans young and old as soon as the teens morph into their suits. the film could have been better if they stuck to casting actors for the roles as the show did such as RJ Cyler as Zack instead of Billy but he stands out as the scientific nerd who was put into detention for blowing up his lunch box.

Nonetheless, a fun ride that will have people looking back at the old show to get more of what could be next in future films. The origin is better instead of Rita being freed from a capsule and is sending clay-made monsters to fight. It’s a film that moviegoers must Go Go see.

Power Rangers

4 stars

Runtime: 2h 4m



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