Homerun By Schwarber Reminds Us Why They’re The Champs

In yesterday’s game against the Cardinals, Schwarber gave the team a case of deja vu of the World Series as his comeback seventh inning home run led the Cubs to victory 6-4.

While watching the game in the local barber shop with the Cardinals leading 4-1 for the majority of the game I thought the game was pretty much over. That thought was based on the first game they played against each other in the season opener on April 2. Maybe it was the flashback of the team losing that came to the forefront of my thoughts but still believed that they could pull it off somehow. Nonetheless, up to the plate comes Schwarber who hits it out of the park reviving the love for the team.

According to bleedcubbieblue.com, this was the first home run from the left-fielder since 2015. Since last season, Schwarber was waiting for his chance to get back on the field and remind everyone of who he is. He missed most of the 2016 season following a knee injury and he was out for surgery.

This season there’s a feeling that he will be a big part of the team’s chances of a repeat championship.