Twins Ask The White Sox ‘ Would You Like A Dustpan For That Sweep?’


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After their second game was postponed Wednesday due to rain, the White Sox set out to beat the Minnesota Twins after a 7-2 loss Tuesday. The Sox’s starting pitcher Derek Holland took on Twins Phil Hughes in an effort to break their four-game losing streak. It seems as if after their World Series win in 2005, they’ve had a hard time getting back to becoming the champions they once were.


News Before The Game:

Theo Epstein shot down the idea of the Cubs and White Sox becoming trade partners. But with what’s been happening so far in the season involving both teams, it may not seem like such a bad idea. Maybe he’ll reconsider.


Inning 1

Let’s get ready for some baseball.

Inning 2

The first inning was difficult to watch. Two home runs left a sour taste in the mouth of the White Sox and that taste stuck with them into the second.

Inning 3

With a number of home runs within the first two innings, the Twins made the game as one-sided as a 2D drawing.

Inning 4 

The White Sox are finally on the board after three innings of a 6-0 score. It’s starting to look like a ball game again.

Inning 5

The White Sox are beginning to pick up the pace with some base hits and a home run to shorten the score gap 7-5.

Inning 6

A close game is more entertaining than what we’ve seen in the first four innings. The White Sox have switched out Holland for Anthony Swarzak, pitching against Tyler Duffey.

Inning 7

With each remaining inning, it became more apparent that the Twins battery life is at 30 percent as the White Sox are fully charged.


Inning 8

The White Sox are trying hard break their losing streak. Momentum now even between the two teams with the difference maker of one-point.

Inning 9

If you took a bottle of soda and shake it for an hour it still wouldn’t match the amount of pressure these two teams are having as we’re in the final inning with one-point still between them.


In a post-game conference, White Sox manager Rick Renteria said that he was proud of the way his guys fought through the game, even though people thought it was over in the fourth. Wrong size gloves and dropped balls he said contributed to tonight’s loss but is still happy with their effort.

“Despite the loss, I’m very proud of the way they continued to play and them service well moving forward because there’s still a lot of baseball left,” said Renteria.

He goes on to defend his choice to use David Robertson early in the game as it helped the team’s comeback. Holland felt that the loss was on him because he didn’t do enough in the game.

“I did what I needed to do to get back into the groove, but it just wasn’t quite good enough. When you don’t execute your pitches the way you should, it’s going to make this a lot harder for those guys to come back,” he said.

The White Sox now lost a total of five straight games. They prepare to play the San Diego Padres tomorrow.



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In his video This is not Iraq he is picking up litter around the community as a message that we need to clean up our neighborhoods. He is poised on promoting good grades and how education is the key to success. Chatman says that he makes rap music for people who can appreciate clever lyrics and melodies about everything but killing people.

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Album List:

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