Austin Program Takes Kids ‘By The Hand’

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In a community that is filled with violence and crime, parents often worry about the safety of their children. With most after school programs being cut in public schools, there aren’t many choices for children to go for recreation and tutoring. One Austin non-for-profit vowed to change that and bring those activities back.
By The Hand is an after school program that helps inner city kids prosper in education while learning about God. The newly built facility located at 415 N. Laramie brings a sense of freshness to the community as it neighbors two liquor stores. In a recent interview with volunteer coordinator Darrell Gordon, 32, and team leader Akeeysha Rodgers-Williams, 40, they said their purpose is to help the kids succeed all the while building their faith and self-worth.

Twins Ask The White Sox ‘ Would You Like A Dustpan For That Sweep?’


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After their second game was postponed Wednesday due to rain, the White Sox set out to beat the Minnesota Twins after a 7-2 loss Tuesday. The Sox’s starting pitcher Derek Holland took on Twins Phil Hughes in an effort to break their four-game losing streak. It seems as if after their World Series win in 2005, they’ve had a hard time getting back to becoming the champions they once were.


News Before The Game:

Theo Epstein shot down the idea of the Cubs and White Sox becoming trade partners. But with what’s been happening so far in the season involving both teams, it may not seem like such a bad idea. Maybe he’ll reconsider.


Inning 1

Let’s get ready for some baseball.

Inning 2

The first inning was difficult to watch. Two home runs left a sour taste in the mouth of the White Sox and that taste stuck with them into the second.

Inning 3

With a number of home runs within the first two innings, the Twins made the game as one-sided as a 2D drawing.

Inning 4 

The White Sox are finally on the board after three innings of a 6-0 score. It’s starting to look like a ball game again.

Inning 5

The White Sox are beginning to pick up the pace with some base hits and a home run to shorten the score gap 7-5.

Inning 6

A close game is more entertaining than what we’ve seen in the first four innings. The White Sox have switched out Holland for Anthony Swarzak, pitching against Tyler Duffey.

Inning 7

With each remaining inning, it became more apparent that the Twins battery life is at 30 percent as the White Sox are fully charged.


Inning 8

The White Sox are trying hard break their losing streak. Momentum now even between the two teams with the difference maker of one-point.

Inning 9

If you took a bottle of soda and shake it for an hour it still wouldn’t match the amount of pressure these two teams are having as we’re in the final inning with one-point still between them.


In a post-game conference, White Sox manager Rick Renteria said that he was proud of the way his guys fought through the game, even though people thought it was over in the fourth. Wrong size gloves and dropped balls he said contributed to tonight’s loss but is still happy with their effort.

“Despite the loss, I’m very proud of the way they continued to play and them service well moving forward because there’s still a lot of baseball left,” said Renteria.

He goes on to defend his choice to use David Robertson early in the game as it helped the team’s comeback. Holland felt that the loss was on him because he didn’t do enough in the game.

“I did what I needed to do to get back into the groove, but it just wasn’t quite good enough. When you don’t execute your pitches the way you should, it’s going to make this a lot harder for those guys to come back,” he said.

The White Sox now lost a total of five straight games. They prepare to play the San Diego Padres tomorrow.


Homerun By Schwarber Reminds Us Why They’re The Champs

In yesterday’s game against the Cardinals, Schwarber gave the team a case of deja vu of the World Series as his comeback seventh inning home run led the Cubs to victory 6-4.

While watching the game in the local barber shop with the Cardinals leading 4-1 for the majority of the game I thought the game was pretty much over. That thought was based on the first game they played against each other in the season opener on April 2. Maybe it was the flashback of the team losing that came to the forefront of my thoughts but still believed that they could pull it off somehow. Nonetheless, up to the plate comes Schwarber who hits it out of the park reviving the love for the team.

According to, this was the first home run from the left-fielder since 2015. Since last season, Schwarber was waiting for his chance to get back on the field and remind everyone of who he is. He missed most of the 2016 season following a knee injury and he was out for surgery.

This season there’s a feeling that he will be a big part of the team’s chances of a repeat championship.

‘Power Rangers’ Provides The Origin Fans Deserve And Hints At Sequel


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The teens discover the red power coin in an abandoned area. (Credit: Google)


Spoilers, but not too many.

In the original television series, as some may remember, there wasn’t much back story behind who the ranger’s leader Zordon was and his relationship with their enemy Rita Repulsa. In order to further explain this, they film had to change the television’s origin to answer these questions.

In the opening of the film, the rangers are on a planet that is being destroyed. The red ranger is crawling towards the yellow ranger who then hands him her power coin. As the red ranger collects the rest of the team’s coins, a green ranger carrying a staff walks towards him. It comes to be Zordon who served as the original red ranger and Rita was the green ranger who wanted more power and betrayed her team. Now with the origin of the two, this will set up the sequel based on what they’re fighting for, the ZEO crystals.

In you’re a fan of the television series then you’ll know that the ZEO crystals lead to an extension of the franchise “Power Rangers ZEO”. The series also follows the original mighty morphing series as other teens took over as rangers. The crystals, however, don’t mean we’re going to skip over the rest of the originals.

In the post credit scene, as all the rangers are back in the detention classroom, the teacher calls for the news student Tommy Oliver, who is known as the evil green ranger in the show. With these two setups, a sequel is promised for the near future.

download (10).jpg

The film offers enough dialogue and action to unite fans young and old as soon as the teens morph into their suits. the film could have been better if they stuck to casting actors for the roles as the show did such as RJ Cyler as Zack instead of Billy but he stands out as the scientific nerd who was put into detention for blowing up his lunch box.

Nonetheless, a fun ride that will have people looking back at the old show to get more of what could be next in future films. The origin is better instead of Rita being freed from a capsule and is sending clay-made monsters to fight. It’s a film that moviegoers must Go Go see.

Power Rangers

4 stars

Runtime: 2h 4m


CPS Heading Towards Rough End to the 2016-17 School Year.


CTU President Karen Lewis at last year’s April 1 Stike. The scene can be the same if the teachers vote yes to another strike (Photo credit: WTTW)  


CPS teachers will prepare to vote next month for a possible one-day strike according to the Chicago Teachers Union. This comes weeks after the announcement that schools will close three weeks earlier on June 1 to save money.

There have been various suggestions to help fix the budget including a recent meeting with Gov. Rauner and Chance the Rapper.  Chance, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, CTU, and other locals have expressed their dissatisfaction with the city’s budget crises regarding CPS funding. After an effort to help the budget with a $1 million donation from the Chicago rapper it won’t be enough to save the budget as talks of a strike looms.

In December 2016 Gov. Rauner vetoed a bill that would grant CPS a $215 million pension for funding as he said that tax dollars can’t continue to be wasted on bailouts. Mayor Emanuel was quoted in response to Rauner saying “The emperor wears no clothes.” The statement is in reference to the old children’s tale saying he is unsuitable for the job and has no clear plan.

In the beginning of the school year, teachers dodged a potential strike after negotiations for a better contract were met at the last minute.  But now with the removal of four furlough days, a possible one-day strike, and a three week early closing at the end of the school year could mean there will be no resolution in the near future.

If teachers vote to strike it will take place May 1.


‘Get Out’ Uses History Of Slave Trades To Intensify Plot.


Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Imagine going to visit your spouse’s family only to found out that you are potential property to be sold to others. Similar to the slave trades in the 1800s, the film recreates these acts to intensify the plot as Chris Washington, Daniel Kaluuya, visits his girlfriend’s family for the weekend.
In the film, Chris happens to visit on the same weekend his girlfriend Rose, Allison Williams, parents are having visitors over. However, they’re not just any visitors as the people who arrived, all of which were white, started to analyze Washington by testing his intelligence, his body and admired how cool he was. Like the trade, slave owners would analyze the slaves by checking their body and were most likely to be purchased if they were younger. This was poked at when he was noted as being 26-years-old. Slaves were then sold to the highest bidder. Rose’s father Dean, Bradley Whitford, was leading the bid with a picture of Chris on display with the guest placing their bid using bingo cards.

We are introduced to other enslaved African Americans including the housekeeper Georgina, Betty Gabriel, and the landscaper Walter, Marcus Henderson. They seem like normal obedient workers until Chris begins to have conversations with them in which Georgina begins to tear during their encounter, and Walter running away as fast as he can. They were under hypnosis thanks to Rose’s Mother Missy, Catherine Keener, who tries to trap Washington under the same spell in an effort to get him to quit smoking.

While talking to his bidder Chris asked why did the family targeted black people? Only to receive the answer that they wanted someone strong and share a common interest. What makes the film evedownload-7n more interesting is that with this kind of plot it was released during Black History Month. In a way, it brought this part of history to modern audiences to show how black people lost their own individuality during these trades and separated from their family and friends to serve their owners.

The film itself is a suspenseful thriller that is well written and features some funny moments to make light of intense scenes. Beginning to end all the elements of the film, including the brief history lesson, makes this movie a good time.

‘Get Out’

3 ½ Stars

Runtime: 1 hr 43 min

Rating: R

The Connection With Crime and Facebook Live.

Within a week crimes involving fatal shootings were captured and displayed online via Facebook Live. The idea of broadcasting crimes or capturing murders is becoming a norm to the social media platform.

Image result for four teens hate crime

Four suspects charged with the torture of disabled male (Google)

Earlier this year, four teens were denied bail for their role in a torture of a special needs male. During their live feed, they are seen berating the victim and shouting hateful slurs and their dislike for President Donald Trump. Other acts in the stream include the suspects making the victim drink toilet water and cutting off pieces of his hair with a knife.

Image result for facebook live shooting

Clips of the three victims in the shooting that left White and Collins dead. (Google)

Recently, documented gang member  Lazarec Collins and 2-year-old Lavontay White Jr. were fatally shot during a Facebook Live post also leaving a pregnant female in critical condition. The woman was recording the video at the time. The beginning of the video shows all three riding around the neighborhood listening to rap music while the male is wearing a hoodie and a hat displaying hand gestures minutes before the shooting.

In the Dominican Republic, radio show host Luis Manuel Medina and one other were killed while doing a facebook live post when the gunman came into the studio and opened fire.

Image result for facebook live shooting

Scenes of Brian Fields moments before being shot (Google)

The first notable shootings include Brian Fields who was shot standing on the street corner by a food mart and the fatal shooting of Antonio Perkins later that year.

The shooting of Collins, Perkins, and Fields have been reported to be the effects of a growing trend known as “Cyber Banging“, the act of antagonizing rival gang members online. This includes posting videos of recent events, members flashing hand signs, and displaying weapons.  Members in the torture video were noted as repeating the word “gang” as they continued the assault.

Crimes that are streamed on Facebook, excluding Medina, are coming from the city of Chicago where the city has seen a spike in murder in January with nearly 299 shootings compared to 2016  with 292.

After it’s launch in August 2015, Facebook live has followed the likes of other social media streaming sites such as Periscope and YouTube but has now gained a reputation for capturing crimes in real time.